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Degree Types in the USA

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Types of Degrees in the United States

The term "college” refers to a four-year undergraduate school where students earn Bachelor's degrees. Colleges can be part of a university, which is a school offering both undergraduate and graduate programs. Within either of these educational institutions, you can choose between three different opportunities to study.

  1. Study Abroad – Here you take a few free-standing classes, and study at a school for one or two semesters. Not all universities in the US have this kind of opportunity; it is best to contact the school to get more information. At some universities, you apply to the classes when you apply to the school, but for most universities, you choose your classes when you arrive to start your education.
  2. Undergraduate – You study for a complete education which is normally three to four years long. Most undergraduate, or Bachelor's degrees in the US require completion of 120 credits, amounting to 15 hours of credit each term for full-time students. Upon graduation from an undergraduate education program in the United States, students earn a Bachelors Degree.
  3. Postgraduate – This type of degree is aimed at students who have already earned a Bachelors Degree. A postgraduate degree is either a Master's degree or PhD which allow you to pursue an in-depth study of a specific topic of your choice. Students who complete the postgraduate education earn a Masters Degree, which usually takes three to four semesters to finish.

It can take a long time for an international student to be accepted to a university or college in the USA. There is a lot of paper work to fill in and there are many choices to make. It is recommended for you to start planning early, at least a year before you want to study abroad in the United States.

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Last update: 25 Jan 2018