Scholarships for Studying in Sweden

Scholarships to Study Abroad in Sweden

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Scholarships to Study in Sweden

Swedish Institute Scholarships

The Swedish Institute (SI), a government agency, offers scholarships each year for international students and researchers coming to Sweden. Use the link below to search for your eligibility based on the level of studies you would like to pursue in Sweden and your country of citizenship

Swedish Institute Scholarship Finder

Swedish University Scholarships

Universities in Sweden offer a range of different scholarship programs for international students to help finance tuition fees or living costs. Available scholarships vary between universities. Below is a link to a list of universities in Sweden.

Swedish Universities

Scholarship Competitions in Sweden

Each year, Swedish universities sponsor global scholarship competitions. Check out the page below which is regularly updated with details on new competitions.

Scholarship Competitions in Sweden

Other Scholarships Opportunities

In addition to government agency funding, competitions, and individual university scholarships, any associations, foundations and other organizations offer scholarships and travel grants for international students in Sweden. The link below contains a listing of scholarships available through those organizations organized by your country of citizenship. following listing includes scholarships for students from a variety of countries as well as country-specific scholarships.

More Scholarship Opportunities in Sweden


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