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Education in Finland

Excellence in Action with Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspirational community that is 10,000 members strong. This multidisciplinary and innovative university is dedicated to the creation of international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland.

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An education in Finland is internationally recognized as being of a very high standard. Students undertaking an education in Finland can benefit from unspoiled natural resources and an interesting historical heritage. Finland’s geographical position, in between Western and Eastern Europe, has influenced the cultural expression. Today, Finland offers visitors a mixture between tradition and cutting-edge trendiness like nowhere else. Read on to learn more about what a study abroad experience in Finland can offer.

Finland - The Facts & Figures







Area Size

338,424 km²


170 000 (14,000 international)

Academic Year

August - May


Euro (€)

Calling Code


Time Zone


More About Finland

The location between East and West is also reflected in Finnish cuisine which is a melange of European, Scandinavian and Russian cooking. Typical food that students who pursue their education in Finland can offer is Fish. The potato is to the Finn what pasta is to the Italian and  makes the main part of almost every meal. Dark rye bread is also a staple and the Finns frequently drink milk as an accompaniment to their meals. Finnish vodka is known around the world, however, the consumption of milder alcoholic drinks such as wine has increased over recent years.

The people of Finland are very athletic and the most popular sports are ice-hockey, skiing, athletics and motor sports. Students that undertake their education in Finland benefit from the best adventure sports while beating the winter blues Furthermore, Finland’s geographical location makes it perfect for slalom and cross country skiing in the winter, as well as snowboarding and ice fishing, where a hole is drilled in the ice and you fish through it. During the summers sport activities such as soccer, hiking, canoeing, swimming and golf are popular.

Finnish “saunas” are world famous, and the fact that there are 5.2 million Finns and 1.7 million saunas shows how important they are to the Finnish lifestyle. The saunas belong to an ancient tradition and can help relax muscles and relieve muscular aches and pains.

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Looking for accommodation? Housing portals like can help you find accommodation in Helsinki and other cities within Finland.

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Last update: 02 Oct 2018

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