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Living Costs & Accommodation in Estonia

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Estonian University of Life Sciences hosts a wide-range of international students every year and offers a number of courses taught in English. Students benefit from a supportive and friendly learning environment and small study groups! 

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Living Costs & Accommodation in Estonia

The cost of a student accommodation in Estonia will differ on the type and quality of accommodation, the location, and the current season.

Not all universities offer student dormitories or hostels, so it would be best to consult with your chosen institution’s International Relations Office about your options.

Quick facts about student dormitories

  • Some universities offer single, double and triple roomed dormitories.
  • Apartment-type dormitories are the most common, where up to a maximum of 4 people can share two twin rooms, a kitchenette, a shower and toilet.
  • Rent is the sum of the number of tenants plus utility costs (water, electricity, sewage, and heating)
  • The average price range for student dormitories is €80 –150 per month.
  • Sometimes, there is an option of renting a twin room for just one person. All expenses will then be doubled.
  • It is advisable to meet first with your roommates to see what they already have in the dorm before buying any additional appliances or items. Dorms are generally equipped with the basic furniture items (bed, refrigerator, shelves, etc.)

Quick facts about Private Housing

  • The best way to find the ideal flat is to ask for help from your local friends, professors or even acquaintances, as the cost of rent could be overexaggerated for international students.
  • Upon the confirmation of a rental deal, you will be asked to pay a deposit, which is normally equivalent to three months’ of rent.
  • The average price range for private housing is €200–510
  • International students usually agree to buy and share the bigger apartments amongst themselves to cut costs on rent as well on the time spent commuting from the university.

Living costs for necessities in Estonia

As with other expenses, the living costs of a student will differ based on their lifestyle and spending choices. In general, living costs in Estonia are more affordable compared to the other European countries.

  • A food budget costing around €200–250 per month is considered enough to live comfortably in Estonia.
  • People residing and studying (including international students) in Tallinn do not have to pay for public transportation.
  • However, those living in Tartu will have to pay €8.63 for a monthly student ticket or €0.51 - €1 for a single journey.
  • It costs €8.10 – €10.50 to get from Tallinn to Tartu via bus.
  • Taxis initially charge a fee of €1.9 and €0.6 for every succeeding kilometer.
  • Student in Estonia generally do not have to worry about travel expenses, as shops that provide basic necessities (supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes) are within walking distance of most universities.

Entertainment and leisure costs

  • Theatre tickets are around €12 – €18; Concerts range from € 8 – €30; and Cinemas charge €4.5–€5.7
  • Nightclubs charge up to €5 – €15, with possibilities for free entrance or discounts for students with a student card.
  • Universities have gyms and fitness clubs which costs €30–€35 per month while private clubs are understandably more expensive, clocking in at €30–€70.

Programs in Estonia

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Last update: 28 Mar 2018

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