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In this country guide section, you can find important information about your potential study abroad destinations. Learn about the requirements, application period, language, culture and student life of different countries.

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Countless adventures, stunning scenery, and wildlife spectacles make the continent of Africa the ultimate adventure location. Are you ready to be steeped in the country’s cultural diversity and rich history?

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Experience this increasingly attractive destination for study abroad through its unique traditions, quality education, and exciting food culture. Which country will you choose?

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Explore different cultures, elaborate architecture, and rich history that the old continent can offer during your studies. Find the country of your study abroad dreams! 

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Middle East

Embrace exotic food flavors, warm hospitality, and vibrant cultures. Ready to push past your comfort zone and try something new?

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North America

Do bustling cities and endless opportunities excite you? Check out the most popular overseas study destinations in the US and Canada.

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Are you inspired by breath-taking nature, a relaxed lifestyle, and friendly locals? Australia or New Zealand may be the place for you.

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South America

Dive into the colorful countries of South America, where the people and weather are warm and inviting. Enrich your studies while experiencing Latin American culture.

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Study Online

Study at a time and place that suits your schedule. Take complete control over your education with online learning and study anywhere in the world with the best online programs. 

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Last update: 10 Jan 2023