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As well as a high standard of living and an excellent education system, Australia is a beautiful country with unique and diverse wildlife, stunning nature and vibrant cities, making it a hot destination for international students looking to study abroad. We've put together this guide with information about education in Australia, outlining the different types of higher education institutions, visa information, accommodation options, fees and entry requirements, and more! Read below to learn more about education in Australia.

Australia - Facts & Figures






24.2 million


7.692 million km²


1.3 million (328,659 international)

Academic Year

February - November


Australian Dollar ($)

Calling Code


Time Zone

UTC+8 to +10.5


Students wanting to study & work in Australia!

As of March 2018, the 457 temporary work visa no longer exists. Check out this article to learn about what this means for you as an international student.

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Last update: 08 Jun 2017