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Student Housing & Living Costs in Switzerland

Start your study abroad experience in Switzerland

Università della Svizzera is a multi-lingual university with courses taught in Italian and English. It has a strong international orientation with students from more than 100 different countries!

Student Housing

Like other European countries, apartments in Switzerland can be hard to come by. Finding the right accommodation may take a bit of work and research, but there are three main options when it comes to finding the right housing option for you: 

  • Find accommodation through your university’s housing office; 
  • Find accommodation on the private rental market; and 
  • Living with a Swiss family in a homestay accommodation 

Many Swiss universities have housing offices that rent out discounted rooms specifically to international students in university-owned student housing. The type and number of options will depend on the city or town your university is located in, and can range from CHF 500 to CHF 800 per month. Often located close to the city centre, close to campus, (or both!) these accommodations are typically limited in number, so it is best to apply as early as possible to ensure that you receive housing. 

If you don’t receive a room through your university’s housing office, not all hope is lost! The private rental market may cost you slightly more (typically CHF 800 to CHF 1500), but sharing an apartment can lower your costs significantly. Geneva, Zurich and Bern are the most expensive cities in Switzerland, but also have more options for housing. Living with roommates, especially other international students can expose you to new cultures, languages and traditions, further enhancing your study abroad experience! 

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If you want to experience Swiss culture first-hand, renting a room from a Swiss family will give you the Swiss experience from the inside! This also may be a cheaper option with many families offering lower rates than the regular rental market. 

Start looking for housing in Switzerland early, and make the transition to studying in Switzerland as smooth as possible. Consult these useful links to explore the housing options for living in Switzerland. 

Cost of Living 

Housing won’t be your only monthly cost, and while costs vary depending on the region of Switzerland you’re studying in, we’ve compiled some average costs to give you an idea of how you should budget for studying in Switzerland. 

Some average living costs in Switzerland:


CHF 25


CHF 4.50



Cinema Ticket

CHF 18

Monthly rent

CHF 1,455

Monthly Transport

CHF 77

These prices are averages across Switzerland, and you may notice higher or lower costs of living whether you’re in an urban center like Geneva, Bern or Zurich, or in smaller cities like Lausanne, Lugano or Montreux

It’s hard to deny that Switzerland has a high cost of living, but investing in your education is a surefire way to plan for your success in the long term. Furthermore, Switzerland consistently ranks as one of the countries with the best qualities of life on earth.  No matter where in Switzerland you’re studying, a well-planned budget is the best way to make sure you’ll make the most of the exciting opportunities Switzerland has to offer you. 

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Last update: 23 Oct 2019

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