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Tuition Fees & Scholarships in Switzerland

Switzerland might be an expensive country to live in, but tuition fees in Switzerland are quite reasonable, especially if you plan to study at a public Swiss university. The fees for higher education institutions in Switzerland depend on your citizen status, the university, the level of studies and the discipline. Medical degrees, executive Master’s and MBA programs cost significantly more. The same applies to private institutions. For more detailed fee information, contact directly the university of your choice. 

For government-funded public universities prices for a Bachelor’s program can start from 5,000 CHF up to 24,000 CHF per semester. Below you can find some examples of average tuition fees in Switzerland:

  • University of Geneva: 500 CHF per semester for Swiss and non Swiss students.
  • University of Lausanne: 800 CHF per semester for Swiss and non Swiss students. 
  • University of Neuchâtel: 515 CHF per semester for Swiss students and 790 CHF for international students. 
  • ETH Zurich: CHF 1,298 CHF per year for both Swiss and non-Swiss students. 
  • University of Basel: 850 CHF per semester for both Swiss and non-Swiss students. 
  • University of Bern: 750 CHF per semester for Swiss students and 950 CHF for non-Swiss students. 
  • University of St. Gallen: CHF 1,229 CHF per semester for Swiss students and 3,126 CHF for non-Swiss students.

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Scholarships in Switzerland 

Scholarship opportunities are often a top concern for international students. You can find scholarships in Switzerland by checking out our scholarship guide. If you are a prospective Master’s student then why not apply to our Master’s in Europe Scholarship? It will help you finance your studies and balance your expenses as a student. 

Various scholarships in Switzerland are also offered through bilateral agreements between governments or from private Swiss institutions. You can find more detailed information through this guide. Some of the most popular scholarships you can find in Switzerland are: 

Study in Switzerland - Overview

Over 20,000 international students choose Switzerland as their study abroad destination every year. Click here to learn why.

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Student Visas

Despite its location in the heart of continental Europe, Switzerland is not an official part of the European Union and every international student will require a student visa to study. Find out documentation you need and the processes you should follow depending on your country of origin.

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Housing & Living Costs

Finding budget friendly housing in Switzerland can take a bit of careful planning but look through your options to find the best accommodation for you and your piggy bank!

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Education System

Switzerland is world renowned for its education system, promoting high academic standards and innovative teaching methods. Public and private institutions offer a wide range of programs in English at all levels, for Swiss and international students alike.

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Language & Culture

Switzerland has four official languages and boasts a wide range of diverse cultural traditions in the different linguistic regions. You can study in three of the official languages or find one of the many programs offered in English! Efficiency is a priority, and Switzerland is highly organized with a strong tradition of popular democracy.

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Application Process

There is no centralized system for admissions to Swiss universities. Application processes can differ from institution to institution, get started early to leave time for ironing out those all-important details.

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Last update: 16 Jul 2021

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