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Tuition Fees & Study Costs in Italy

Tuition Fees in Italy are generally lower than in other countries in Europe. Institutions of higher education in Italy establish their own tuition fees, but in the case of university education, there is a legal minimum cost for enrollment and a maximum cost for student contributions, which cannot exceed 20% of state funding. Admission to "master universitari" and other specialized degree courses in Italy may have much higher tuition fees. Doctoral students who receive university grants do not pay tuition fees, but non-grant holders are required to pay the tuition fees of their university.

Public Universities

Average tuition fees for a higher education in Italy are between €850-1,000 per year, depending on the university and program of study.

Private Universities 

Private universities in Italy are much more expensive and the majority of them have the same tuition fees for both EU and non-EU students. 

Funding and Scholarships 

There are many funding and scholarships that students undertaking an education in Italy can apply for. Some scholarships not only cover tuition fees but living costs as well. Scholarships and funding are often limited and are given to the students based on merit, after an assessment of their previous grades. 

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  • Italian government Scholarships for foreign and IRE students: These are offered to foreign citizens studying in Italy, as well as Italian citizens studying aroad, and are available for a large number of program types.
  • EDISU Piemonte Scholarships: These are available to students including non-EU international students specifically enrolled in a full-time program at the Universities of Piedmont.
  • Bologna University Study Grants for International Students: The University of Bologna awards 48 study grants to international students studying in Italian universities.
  • Bocconi Scholarships in Italy for International Students: The awarding of the scholarship takes into consideration not only the economic conditions of the students but also their academic performances; includes a full tuition waiver, worth up to €12,700 per year.
  • Politecnico di Torino International Scholarships: This is offered to international students to attend academic programs in Engineering and Architecture.

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Last update: 15 Mar 2018