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Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

The Alma Mater Studiorum, the oldest university in the Western world, paves the way for innovation through an increasingly rich programme catalogue, cutting-edge research and a constant and increasingly broad international perspective.

Since it was founded in 1088, the Alma Mater Studiorum has been student-centred, hosting prominent figures from the science and arts communities. With five campuses (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, Rimini) and a branch in Buenos Aires, it offers a diversified course catalogue that is tailored to the needs of present-day society: over 200 degree programmes among its 32 departments and 5 schools are offered to over 82,000 students. 3,600 graduates are enrolled in PhDs and other 3rd-cycle programmes.

As a comprehensive research university Alma Mater invests in the multidisciplinary cross-cultural approach and in the inseparable connection between research and teaching. One of the most active universities leading and participating in European research and academic cooperation projects, Bologna has formed knowledge alliances with industry and public/private organizations. It is a hub of international networks. Beyond its close European links, it enjoys multiple connections with America, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Bachelor's degree
Business Length Location
Business & Economics (CLABE) 3 years Bologna
Economics & Business: Management (CLEC-M) 3 years Forli
Business Administration
Genomics 3 years Bologna
Health & Well-Being
Medicine & Surgery (BOMS) 6 years Bologna
Humanities & Culture
Economics of Tourism: International Tourism and Leisure Industries (ITALI) 3 years Rimini
Political Science
International Relations & Diplomatic Affairs: Diplomatic & International Sciences (DIS) 3 years Forli
Statistical Sciences: Stats & Maths 3 years Bologna
Master's degree
Art & Design
Building Engineering-Architecture: Architectural Engineering 2 years Bologna
Arts Management
Innovation & Organization of Culture & the Arts (GIOCA) 2 years Bologna
Fine Art
Visual Arts: Arts, Museology and Curatorship 2 years Bologna
Economics & Management: Business & Administration (CLAMEN-B&A) 2 years Forli
Economics & Management: Food System Management (CLAMEN-FoodSys) 2 years Forli
Business Administration
Business Administration: International Management (CLAMDA-IM) 2 years Bologna
Quantitative Finance (QF) 2 years Bologna
Business Administration & Management: Service Management (SEM) 2 years Rimini
Fashion Studies 2 years Rimini
Computer Science & IT
Data Science & Analytics
Artificial Intelligence 2 years Bologna
Information Technology
Digital Humanities & Digital Knowledge (DHDK) 2 years Bologna
Engineering & Technology
Aerospace Engineering (AE) 2 years Forli
Earth Resources Engineering (ERE) 2 years Bologna
Offshore Engineering 2 years Ravenna
Sustainable Technologies & Biotechnologies for Energy & Materials (STEM) 2 years Bologna
Telecommunications Engineering (TE) 2 years Bologna
Automotive Engineering
Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering (AAEE) 2 years Bologna
Advanced Automotive Engineering (AAE) 2 years Multiple (2)
Automation Engineering (AUT-ENG) 2 years Bologna
Electrical Energy Engineering: Electrical Engineering (EE) 2 years Bologna
Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering 2 years Cesena
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 2 years Bologna
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (CE) 2 years Bologna
Engineering of Building Processes & Systems: Historic Buildings Rehabilitation (HBR) 2 years Ravenna
Electrical Engineering
Electric Vehicle Engineering 2 years Bologna
Electronic Engineering: Electronics for Intelligent Systems, Big Data and Internet of Things 2 years Bologna
Health & Well-Being
Wellness Culture: Sport, Health & Tourism (N/A) 2 years Rimini
Medical Biotechnology 2 years Bologna
Pharmacy (Combined Bachelor & Master Degree) 5 years Rimini
Public Health
Economics & Economic Policy: Health Economics & Management (HEM) 2 years Bologna
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's in Health Economics & Management (EU-HEM) 2 years Multiple (4)
Humanities & Culture
Erasmus Mundus Master Course in European Literary Cultures (CLE) 2 years Multiple (7)
Interdisciplinary Research & Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES) 2 years Forli
International Cooperation on Human Rights & Intercultural Heritage (I-CONTACT) 2 years Ravenna
Economics (LMEC) 2 years Bologna
Economics & Finance (CLEF) 2 years Bologna
International Politics and Economics 2 years Forli
Law & Economics: Law & Economics of Insurance & Finance (LEIF) 2 years Bologna
Resource Economics & Sustainable Development (RESD) 2 years Rimini
Archaeology and Cultures of the Ancient World: Applied Critical Archaeology and Heritage 2 years Bologna
History & Oriental Studies: Global Cultures (GLOC) 2 years Bologna
Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics: Italian Studies 2 years Bologna
Modern, Post-Colonial & Comparative Literatures: Women's & Gender Studies (GEMMA) 2 years Bologna
Political Science
International Politics & Markets (IPM) 2 years Forli
International Relations 2 years Bologna
Politics, Administration and Organization: Politics and Social Policy 2 years Bologna
Psychology of Well Being and Social Inclusivity 2 years Bologna
Work, Organization and Personnel Psychology (WOP-P) 2 years Cesena
Sustainable Development
Sciences & Management of Nature: Global Change Ecology & Sustainable Development Goals (GLOBAL) 2 years Bologna
Specialized Translation (SPECTRA) 2 years Forli
Translation & Interpretation
Language, Society & Communication (LSC) 2 years Bologna
Legal Studies 2 years Bologna
International Horticultural Science (IMAHS) 2 years Bologna
Precise and Sustainable Agriculture 2 years Bologna
Bioinformatics (IBMB) 2 years Bologna
Advanced Cosmetic Sciences (ACS) 2 years Rimini
Industrial Chemistry: Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (ASC) 2 years Bologna
Low Carbon Technologies & Sustainable Chemistry (LOCATE) 2 years Bologna
Photochemistry and Molecular Materials 2 years Bologna
Science for the Conservation - Restoration of Cultural Heritage (SCORE) 2 years Ravenna
Environmental Science
Environmental Assessment & Management: Water and Coastal Management (WACOMA) 2 years Multiple (3)
Geology and Territory: Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability 2 years Bologna
Statistical Sciences (CLAMSS) 2 years Bologna
Physics 2 years Bologna
Tourism & Hospitality
Tourism Management
Tourism Economics & Management (TEAM) 2 years Rimini

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Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Via Zamboni 33
40126 Bologna

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