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Study in Hungary: Language & Culture

Hungary is a country in Central Europe, which borders Slovakia to the north, Serbia and Croatia to the south, Romania to the east, and Austria to the west. The capital of Hungary is Budapest. The city of Budapest also has unique architecture and beautiful nature. Among the beautiful places of this city is the Danube River. The river flows through the city of Budapest, creating exceptional beauty. The lifestyle of the Hungarian people in Budapest is modern. So that despite the old houses, there are modern and advanced facilities in their homes.

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If you want to get accurate information about the culture in Hungary and enter this country with enough information, and start your adventure, read our article to the end; Join us to introduce you to Hungary's culture, traditions, and language.

Hungarian culture is very diverse, and you will see many differences from Budapest to the country's eastern and western borders. In general, you can see values such as respect for women and the elderly or ancestors in most parts of the country. Moreover, Hungarians are also very artistic and have a great interest in music, poetry, festivals, opera, literature, art, chess, science, mathematics, etc. Apart from these, they also pay attention to identifying talent, humor, sensitivity, science, and learning. They also have something to say about sports such as fencing, wrestling, athletics, water polo, canoeing, and swimming.

You should know that, if you are invited to the house of a Hungarian, be sure to bring a box of chocolates or a bouquet as a gift. If you are asked to take off your shoes out of the house, when you enter, do not be surprised because it is not customary in Hungary to walk around in the house with your shoes on. It is the culture in Hungary that you arrive on time for dinner or lunch because it is disrespectful to them to be late.

The Hungarian people have a special belief in family values. It is safe to say that the center of the country's social structure is the family, and it is interesting to note that they provide a great deal of financial and emotional support to their members; In Hungary, meanwhile, generations of large families live together, and most of them are very close to each other in all circumstances, and usually consists of a family of parents, grandparents, and often the children.

In general, you can count on your Hungarian friends at any time, and of course, they certainly expect the same from you, the Hungarians see relationships as an asset and a foundation in their lives and they take great care of it.

When you are in Hungary, you will see that Hungarian is the official language, and Hungarian is spoken by 98% of the almost 10 million population. Hungarians call their language Magyar. It is recommended that students learn a few essential Hungarian words that may be necessary for their everyday life in Hungary.

If you are interested in learning Hungarian, you have several options to choose from, both online and face-to-face. You might have heard that Hungarian is a difficult language, but do not get discouraged and take every opportunity to talk to native speakers. If you want to take your Hungarian language skills further, consider taking a course at an evening school or cultural institutes, asking your university’s international office for Hungarian language courses, and looking for free online courses.

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Last update: 29 Jun 2021


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