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Budapest, Hungary

Study in Hungary: Housing & Living Costs


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Finding a good place to stay is a very important part of your study abroad experience. When it comes to student housing in Hungary, you have several options. Most universities in Hungary have dormitories which are usually the cheapest alternative. These dormitories are generally great party venues but are not always available for international students. You may find the standard of dormitory accommodation slightly below what you are used to, but living in these shared quarters is a good way to make plenty of new friends.

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Another alternative for student housing in Hungary is renting an apartment, whether alone or with friends. You can also opt for a sub-tenancy, meaning you rent a single room in someone else’s apartment. Private apartment rentals are available from HUF $50-60,000  (EUR€190-230 ) depending on the city (Budapest being the most expensive), and the location within the city. Rooms and flat-sharing are naturally cheaper.

Most of the time you will be able to find help searching for student housing in Hungary through the university you are applying. Apartments are also listed in newspapers. It might be easier to have someone who speaks Hungarian with you to help translate.

If you are renting an apartment in Hungary, keep in mind that you may need up to two month's rent ready in cash when signing the contract. This sum acts as a deposit and should be returned to you when you move out, provided that the apartment is still in good order. 

General Living Costs

Living costs in Hungary are comparatively low to other European countries. Costs are naturally higher in major cities such as Budapest. Students in Hungary should be able to live with approximately €750 per month, allowing enough for not only rent but also for public transport, health insurance, study materials, and a few nights out on the town.

Useful student housing & accommodation websites

Flatio is the only place where you can easily rent a fully furnished flat with an internet connection for 1–12 months directly from the owner. The whole process of renting the apartment is online, so you can rent your flat in a few minutes. Find your student accommodation in Budapest here. logo offers over 1 million beds in Hungary and other countries around the world. Their website is free to use and offers a dedicated team of expert accommodation consultants and price match comparisons. They also have formal contractual relationships with every landlord on their site for an added layer of security for you!

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    Tuition Fees & Scholarships

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    Last update: 30 Jun 2021

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