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Why study a tourism & hospitality degree abroad?

Do you dream of making the world a better place to travel? Does the thought of running a complex business like a hotel or amusement park excite you? Or are you still exploring career paths but know you love to work with and serve people? Studying tourism and hospitality abroad might be perfect choice for you! These degrees will prepare you for a diverse set of exciting careers within the travel and hospitality industries. At its core, a tourism and hospitality degree is a business degree with a special concentration on travel and hospitality--perfect for those with a passion for people, a hunger for learning about other cultures, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re excited to take over a family business in hospitality or you’re curious about combining your wanderlust with your passion for people, a tourism and hospitality degree abroad could help you get ahead in this constantly-evolving field.

Studying tourism and hospitality abroad could lead to many exciting careers, including but not limited to:

  • Lodging Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Hotel Administrator
  • Cruise Director
  • Theme Park Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Casino Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Chef

What are the prerequisites for studying tourism & hospitality abroad?

Students drawn to the tourism and hospitality industry probably have an interest in business and a desire to serve people. Some people make their start in the industry by working in a hotel, restaurant, casino, or another hospitality-centered place and work their way up to a management position. Others, and especially those who wish to dive directly into management and operations careers, will want to immerse themselves in a tourism and hospitality degree program abroad. At the master’s level, many programs will expect you to have a strong background in business concepts or a bachelor’s degree in tourism or hospitality. At the bachelor’s level, programs will expect you to have a strong academic background as well as some exposure to hospitality, be it through a part-time job at a restaurant or grocery store, or a summer tour guide. Many programs also look for evidence of leadership and interpersonal skills, which are both crucial to success in the field.

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What will I learn studying tourism & hospitality abroad?

At the diploma or bachelor level, a tourism or hospitality degree’s curriculum will depend on the level of specialization. Many bachelor programs will focus on business fundamentals like finance alongside specific electives that will depend on your specific concentration or chosen career path (be it hotels, cruises, tourism, casinos, or restaurants).

Some key topics that may be covered include:

  • Finance management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational behavior 
  • Human resources management
  • Food & beverage management
  • Construction management
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Operations management
  • Data analytics

Master and doctorate programs may specialize earlier depending on your chosen career path, and doctorate programs will prepare you to conduct research and be a scholar in the field of hospitality.

The heart of many tourism and hospitality degrees center around internships and externships. Many programs require a certain amount of hours spent actually working in the field, which allows students to get a sense of where their interests lie, as well as to get hands-on experience that could turn into a career after graduation. Many programs offer extensive job advising and placement to help both current students and alumni secure their dream jobs.

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