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Go for Gold, Go for Breda

Global Ambassador Ioana explores what drew her to study in the Netherlands and why she wouldn't want to study anywhere else. Follow Ioana as she tours the highlights of living in Breda and studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Feb 6, 2024
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Go for Gold, Go for Breda

Are you ready to begin your studies in the Netherlands, but are struggling to choose the best destination from among all of the ‘gezellige’ Dutch cities? Situated in the southern part of the Netherlands, the city where I study buzzes with energy and the authentic Dutch spirit. It is named “Breda” from the Dutch word for “broad” and I guarantee there is a broaaad range of nice places, people, experiences and opportunities in this fabulous city. Curios about this “broad” city? Follow me in this virtual tour of my second home.

International environment

The city is bursting with energy from every corner. The international programs at Avans University of Applied Sciences are situated in Breda, which is a second home for 10 000 international students and a perfect multi-cultural environment.

The youth and the freshness of the town inspires more and more students annually to choose Breda as the city where they will spend four splendid years full of opportunities.

Blending landscapes

Situated in the south of the country, very close to the famous cities Rotterdam (25 minutes by trains), Eindhoven (40 mins by train), Amsterdam (1 h) and Antwerp in Belgium, the city is a picturesque image in the province of North Brabant.

The traditional Dutch images, perfectly represented through gothic style of the city centre (and particularly the amazing Big Church – ‘’Grote Kerk” where the grandfather of Van Gogh was a priest) melt together with natural landscapes, as the city is surrounded by peaceful forests.

Best city centre

Breda was chosen in 2017 as the “best city centre” in the Netherlands and you will definitely never be bored here. You can either stroll along the narrow cosy streets or through the Valkenberg castle, walk by the Castle of Breda or the MOTI Museum (Museum of Image), or just stop for a coffee with stroopwaffles (traditional Dutch waffles filled with caramel) in the Central Market (Grote Markt). As a student, there is always something to do and to discover.

Breda diary

One and a half years ago when I came here I had no idea how amazing it can be to wake up, fall asleep, and basically do everything surrounded by the pouring rain. Even if this is the most striking thing about living in the Netherlands (and you should prepare for this), there is absolutely nothing like the chilled-out mood that this country, and particularly Breda, can give off.

Breda is made unique by its simple, yet intricate details that must be discovered day-by-day and through the integration of natural landscapes into everything.

The dream

Each and every corner, be it man-made (as the majority is) or natural, is worth exploring, enjoying and loving. Living the Dutch dream in Breda is not as cold as I was told before coming here and it’s not boring at all. Every day for me is as warm as the soul of the always-helping locals, as uplifting (unlike the low-lands) as the sheer happiness of living here, and as exciting as it can be since every day means discovering something new in Breda.

To sum it up for now, it’s not a ‘Doei’ (Bye) but rather a ‘Tot ziens’ (See you soon) in my adventure at Avans in Breda.