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Global Ambassador Ade: How will an MBA program benefit me?

Everyone hears that an MBA will accelerate your career, increase your income, and change your destiny. However, the ugly truth is that having an MBA degree doesn’t guarantee that you will get a job easily. BUT the good news is that it’s all in your hands! 

Jan 31, 2019
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There is a widely-known secret that tells us that an MBA will accelerate your career, increase your income, and change your destiny. However, the ugly truth is that having an MBA degree doesn’t guarantee that you will get a job easily. BUT the good news is that it’s all in your hands! So, this is for all the students wondering: How will an MBA program benefit me?

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The Full-Time MBA is a Marathon for Learning and Enriching Your Knowledge

Most MBA students have at least five years of working experience before enrolling in the program. This means that they already have experience working with other professionals, they are smart, and they have qualified skills.

From the beginning of the program, they understand the process of how things should be done, and they have similar ambitions. When you’ve run into an obstacle, just remind yourself about your objective: “I am continuing my studies to receive my MBA!”  

Classes run five days a week and always start at 09.00 and run until 16.30, which is the same period for typical working hours. During their studies, students will be facing a very hard-to-please professor, never ending assignments and projects, and the occasional friction between classmates.

The process will never seem as smooth as silk and if you are coming from the other side of the world, you will definitely face a culture shock. All these events will happen in a one year program: a marathon study.

The good news is that all of these obstacles are worth it. You just need to calm your ego, control your emotions, pour all the water out from your knowledge cup and let the new knowledge fill it up.

During this one year program, you will have to refresh your knowledge, brainstorm new ideas, read lots of journal and books, and contemplate new perspectives on how a business should be run.

An MBA is Your Future Network All Over the World

In the Maastricht School of Management class of 2018, we come from different countries (more than 20 nationalities), different cultures and different working backgrounds. At the beginning of their studies students will take part in “Managing Culture Diversity.”

It’s a subject which makes all students understand that we come from different cultures, but it is not a barrier to us to growing and studying together. In fact, it is precisely what will strengthen us.

Due to these connections, we instantly have networks that span more than 20 countries. Spreading these networks means that we are creating new opportunities for ourselves and our classmates. When you unlock this opportunity, new possibilities appear and your future becomes much brighter.

A Better Salary and Career Prospects

Anyone who completes their master’s studies (all majors) will always receive a better salary and position compared to those that don’t have the same level of education or experience. We can all agree on this.

How about Master Business Administration graduates?

We invest so much money in our MBA program (one of the most expensive tuition fees available in higher education), how long can we receive our return on investment?

Having an MBA degree in your suitcase will help you a lot because you have the knowledge, accreditation, and qualified skills necessary to be successful. However, having those advantages doesn’t mean that you will easily be hired at a reputable company.

It will always depend on you, on how actively you build your networks during your studies and how active you are in applying for positions. After you are hired at a reputable company, the real battle has started, like how to adjust to your new job, solving real-life problems, and meeting your new targets.

As an MBA graduate, if you can’t find job, we can always create a job opportunity for ourselves and also for others. The entrepreneurial skills, finance skills, and business strategies we have gained are the major capital we need to jump into the world of entrepreneurs.

The key is in you. An MBA degree helps you a lot but, in fact, you are the key to your own destiny. Maastricht School of Management, with their accreditation and network, helps students to best pursue their ideal career and therefore, are the rational choice for enrolling in your full-time MBA program.