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25 Best Jobs in the U.S. and How Much They Pay

What are the best jobs in the U.S.?

This question was recently answered by BusinessInsider, the web's largest business news site. The following job titles are the top 25 of the 50 best jobs in the U.S. The criteria for these rankings included job satisfaction, number of job openings and median base salary.

1. Data scientist

2. Development Operations Engineer

3. Marketing manager

4. Occupational therapist

5. HR manager

6. Electrical engineer

7. Strategy manager

8. Mobile developer

9. Product manager (software)

10. Manufacturing engineer

11. Compliance manager

12. Finance manager

13. Risk manager

14. Business development manager

15. Front end developer

16. Site reliability engineer

17. Mechanical engineer

18. Analytics manager

19. Tax manager

20. Creative manager (advertising)

21. Software engineer

22. Hardware engineer

23. Corporate recruiter

24. Quality assurance manager

25. Physician assistant

As you can see, many of these best jobs are within the computer science and IT industries, so those studying these subjects at university are well-prepared to pursue some very rewarding careers, such as data scientist (#1), development operations engineer (#2), and mobile developer (#8).

Studying technical degrees in engineering also tend to lead to higher paying careers, such as electrical engineer (#6), manufacturing engineer (#10), and mechanical engineer (#17).

Though their entry-level salaries tend to be lower than those of more technical careers, graduates of business-related programs are still set to receive fair starting salaries in roles such as marketing manager (#3), HR manager (#5) and finance manager (#12).

What are the best entry-level salaries for graduates?

Expanding on this list of top jobs in the U.S., we've looked specifically at what recent graduates stepping in to an entry-level position can expect to make, as well as what they might be making five-to-ten years down the line once they've picked up some significant industry experience. 

In terms of highest graduate salaries, looking at the infographic below shows us a number of top jobs that offer some fairly competitive paychecks at the entry-level (defined as someone with 0-5 years of experience on the job). Data scientist, strategy manager, analytics manager and physician assistant all offer an average annual starting salary of $89,000.

Take a look at the infographic to learn more about how much these top jobs pay graduates vs. more experienced professionals:

Salaries for the top 25 jobs in the U.S. infographic

Last update: 29 Nov 2018