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    Degrees in Architecture Studies Urban Design

    An urban design degree encompasses a large field of knowledge that gives insight and skill into the entire process of planning, designing, and establishing landscapes, individual structures, and large infrastructures. Those who are in the business of urban design must always take into account certain environmental conditions, structural needs, the future ecosystem of a potential site and the human needs that must be met when planning a space. Not only do private and local sources use the influence of urban design, but as do institutions of the government. Urban design has lent hand to the future of planning cities and towns that must thrive off of certain environmental conditions, as well as been able to navigate around the settlement of borders, political influences, and cultural needs. Another insight that urban design has in the world is that urban designers have a large role in creating the connections of a community, the flow of transport, and the way we live with one another.

    What can I do with a degree in urban design?

    There are many roles that can be available from an urban design degree, and while many argue that urban design is a subdivision of architecture or contracting, urban design has become its own influence entirely. Many career opportunities are available at both large and small industries, as well as having an immense impact on the views of environmental sustainability and growth. Global career opportunities are also greatly available dependent upon an individual’s skills and knowledge of a region. As stated prior, many governmental agencies utilize the abilities of urban design in their efforts to plan and approve the building or resurfacing of cities, towns, and villages, so as to be in compliance of set building ordinance and environmental criteria.

    Potential careers in urban designing may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Town Planner
    • Housing Manager/Officer
    • Transport Planner
    • Community Development Planner
    • Planning and Development Surveyor
    • Sustainability Consult

    Prerequisites for studying urban design abroad:

    The prerequisites for an urban design degree abroad range and vary between each university and degree level. A bachelor’s degree might require a certain level of education in order to be admitted into their program as well as a specific language proficiency. Master’s programs in urban design will have more prerequisites than a bachelor’s degree, but these vary greatly between programs and you should always check with your desired university or institute of education prior to applying for their degree program.

    What will I learn while studying urban design abroad?

    The potential topics covered in a urban design degree course abroad is able to include a large amount of knowledge, skills, and experience. An education in urban design always looks back on historic design methods and how the future of developing sustainable structures and spaces has evolved.

    Many course outlines may include but are not limited to the following topics of study:

    • Historic and Modern Architecture
    • Environmental Assessment
    • Urban Policy and Planning
    • World Geography
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Public Management

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