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Study in Japan: Application Process

Ready to apply for your dream Japanese university? Of course you are! The application process for Japanese universities is quite simple. We have gathered all the necessary steps you need to follow in order to get admitted to the Japanese university of your choice. Before you begin with your application, make your research by visiting the official websites of the universities you are mostly interested in, along with contacting your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate for additional questions and information. 

1. Choose your Study Area 

Begin by deciding what you want to study and also the level of education you are interested in. Are you interested in studying business, IT and computer science or medicine? No matter what it is, Japan offers a wide range of globally recognized degrees. In addition, consider if you want to apply for a public or private university, since changes in the application process may apply. 

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2. Check the Admission Requirements 

Depending on the objective and the academic level of your studies, there are particular admission requirements you need to take seriously into consideration when preparing your application process for Japanese universities. After choosing your study major, make a research on the universities that cover your study needs and contact them in order to gain more information. You can also visit their websites and also get in touch with JASSO for additional queries.

3. Prepare the Paperwork

This is probably the most time consuming step, so be careful at this stage to gather all the necessary documents, depending on the university, the academic level and the particular requirements. The common paperwork for a university application include the following:

A completed application form signed by the embassy authorities, proof of payment for the application fee, certificates and diplomas depending on the level you are applying to, copy of your passport, passport sized photos, motivation letter and/or letters or recommendation. Please note that each program might ask for additional documents, so make sure you have made a detailed list with the programs you aim to apply for and the documents needed for each of them. 

The embassies offer translation services in Japanese language in case you need it and additionally, don’t forget that if applying for a Bachelor’s degree you need to take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).

You can find which Japanese universities use the EJU examination for international students here. If you aim to apply for a Master’s degree, then the proof of English language proficiency through the TOEFL or IELTS examinations is needed.

4. Submit Your Application

In Japan, there is no unified online application platform. As a consequence, you need to submit your application through the university you want to get admitted to. Contact the universities of your choice before for additional information regarding your submission if needed and avoid any unofficial university agencies. Pay the application fee and submit your application through the university platform. Pay special attention to the application deadlines and the application intake periods for each university. 

5. Apply for a Japanese Student Visa 

Congratulations, you made it and you are officially a student in Japan! When you receive your letter of acceptance, it is time to contact your university in order to pay the first installment of your tuition fees. Next, you need to apply for a Japanese student visa as soon as possible. Contact the Japanese embassy in your home country in order to book a meeting and gather the documents for your visa application. Furthermore, it is now time to also gather the paperwork for your National Health Insurance (NHI).

6. Arrive in Japan

After you have obtained your student visa and have prepared all the necessary documents for your insurance, it is time to search for accommodation options. Make a research before online and choose whether you want to stay in a student dormitory, guesthouses or private accommodation. Pack your bags, brace yourself and get on a plane to arrive in Japan. The ultimate study experience for you is about to begin!

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Last update: 28 Jun 2021

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