Study in Japan: Housing & Living Costs

One of the main reasons to study in Japan is the safe environment, as Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with significantly low crime rates. The living cost in Japan compared to other study destinations is high, especially if you choose to live in the capital, Tokyo. However, it all depends on the areas you choose to live and the lifestyle you follow.

The most student-friendly cities in Japan include Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Sapporo or Yokohama, cities that cover all your budget needs. As an international student in an effort to reduce your living costs in Japan, a great option is to live in a university dormitory. 

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Despite the existence of student dormitories provided by the government and universities, the majority of international students live in private accommodation, as there is a limited number of dormitory rooms available. Be aware to seek an accommodation option in either dormitories or private houses the moment you get your letter of acceptance from the university. 

When it comes to private accommodation living costs in Japan, be prepared to spend a lot if choosing Tokyo as your study destination. Consider living in the suburbs and not in the center in order to save some money. In smaller cities, the cost reduces and is quite affordable compared to metropolitan areas. 

The average monthly rent for a one room apartment is around 50-70,000 Japanese yen (around 450-650 USD), always depending on whether you choose to live in the city center or not. Larger apartments cost much more. Keep in mind that utilities like gas, electricity, internet and water are not included in the rent. 

Another popular option are the so-called guesthouses or in Japanese ‘’the foreigner houses’’ (gaijin houses). These kind of houses are an inexpensive type of accommodation and can be rented for a shorter period of time. It can be a great option for you for your first couple of months in Japan, until you find your permanent student home.

Average living costs in Japan: 


900.00 ¥


404.00 ¥


450.00 ¥

Cinema Ticket

1,800.00 ¥

Monthly rent

From 57 to 83,000.00 ¥

Monthly Transport

10,000.00 ¥

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Last update: 28 Jun 2021


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