18 Mar 2022

Study Abroad Ambassador: Beli from Spain

Hi everyone! I am Beli from Spain, and I am an educations.com ambassador on TikTok and Instagram.

I'm a 26-year-old girl studying for a degree in International Business Management with a major in Tourism at ISBA, Internationale Berufsakademie in Germany.

About me

I’ve always been interested in other cultures. From my past experiences abroad as an au pair, volunteer, and Erasmus student, I knew that I really enjoyed living in other countries as well.

As my experience with the education system in my home town was not as satisfactory as I had hoped, I decided to continue my education abroad.

My passions are reading, enjoying my free time with friends, playing team sports (such as rugby and basketball), eating international cuisine, and language learning.

Why do I want to be an Ambassador

I consider myself a person who adapts very easily to any situation in that I am very sociable and natural, with a sensitivity towards people. Being an ambassador is an excellent opportunity for me to help and encourage others to take a leap and study in a different country.

What I love about Germany

My new home away from home is Freiburg, the main city of the famous Black Forest in Germany and one of the most sustainable cities in Europe.

It also has the most hours of sunshine per day in the country. It’s full of international students and is the perfect destination for you if you’re looking for a quiet place with nature and a great social and student atmosphere.

My personal account

Let's get connected on Twitter or LinkedIn too. :)

Interested in seeing more of Beli’s study abroad stories in Germany?

The Study Abroad Ambassador program is a 6-month ambassadorship program where our student ambassadors will share their study abroad experiences.

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Last update: 18 Mar 2022


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