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Mykolas Romeris University Bachelor in Communication and Digital Marketing
Mykolas Romeris University

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Marketing

Vilnius, Lithuania

3 Years


Full time

26 Jul 2024*

01 Sep 2024

EUR 2,954 / per year


* for EU/EFTA applicants | June 17th - for non-EU applicants


How does social media influence our everyday lives? What impact does digital advertising have on online and in-store sales? How to choose an audience and provide them with engaging and creative content?

All these questions and more are introduced, discussed, and answered while studying for your undergraduate degree in Communication and Digital Marketing.

Studying the field of communications in Lithuania, at one of the best universities in Vilnius, will provide you with a wholesome education in today’s fastest-changing field. Communication and Digital Marketing are moving quickly. Each day brings new challenges in creativity, social media management, and public relations. At MRU, our studies will help you learn to stay on top of digital marketing trends and teach you to transmit your creative ideas to the right audience.

In conjunction with detailed knowledge of digital marketing and communication studies, with us, you will also learn project management and creativity skills. This knowledge will be instrumental for you to build a successful career in the advertising and communications industry.

Study in Europe, in the progressive country of Lithuania, where e-business has taken root with the provision of the fastest internet in the world. Take your studies in English and learn one or more additional languages during your 3-year bachelor studies. To take full advantage of these studies, you will be required to wield your English at a B2 level or higher.

Like with every study program, choosing to study in Vilnius with MRU, you will be able to participate in the Erasmus+ program and go to your chosen European university to study and work an internship. You will receive 180 ECTS credits upon graduation. Students who have completed this course will be able to work as SEO or SEM specialists, as well as in marketing, communications, public relations, content management, and other marketing and creative industry fields.

MRU provides truly affordable studies. Scholarships are available for many students and more information on that can be found here. We also provide help with residence permits for all international students.



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