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ArtEZ University of the Arts Master Interior Architecture
ArtEZ University of the Arts

Master Interior Architecture

Zwolle, Netherlands

2 Years


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Master Interior Architecture

Corpo-real, the Master’s Interior Architecture at ArtEZ focuses on the endlessly changing relationship between bodies and space: the body as repository for social reality and spatial truth. A learning community where students and tutors develop a research-driven spatial design practice geared towards an unknown future

We live in a time of transition and a world of interconnected crises. At Corpo-real, the Master’s Interior Architecture at ArtEZ, we aim to educate students to critically, experimentally and analytically encounter this world and the (yet unknown) challenges it poses, with innovative perspectives on the relationships between bodies and space, with special focus on power and space, social sustainability and inclusion.

We therefore develop, explore and innovate thinking around practice-based research. Making good use of sources, communicating what is uncovered and discovered, organising dialogues and exhibitions for a divers public. Imperative in the Corpo-real research practice is the synthesis of thinking, making and reflecting. Students expand their individual research practices beyond themselves, while simultaneously engaging with the course’s discursive input, co-operative methodologies and support structure. As a Corpo-real master student, you are encouraged to reflect, discuss and act upon these.



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