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ArtEZ University of the Arts International Master Artist Educator
ArtEZ University of the Arts

International Master Artist Educator

Arnhem, Netherlands

2 Years


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International Master Artist Educator

Art can address issues and act for social change. Whether it takes place in a museum or in the public space, art is taught through experience. The international Master Artist Educator (iMAE) program is not about projecting art onto communities, but about working together with a variety of groups and individuals: from public servants to the private sector, with both artists and non-artists, teachers, students, NGO’s and policy makers. At iMAE we learn by doing and making together. You bring – and throughout the program further develop – your own practice and research interest to address pressing social concerns: migration, identity, conflict, environment and diversity.

As a master student at iMAE you learn not only how to use existing research methodologies, but also – and mostly – how to develop your own creativity to produce unique research methods that fall within your practice and existing skill set. You combine international fieldwork with practice and theory, to learn how to apply your own research interests to specific contexts.

At iMAE we promote the concept of the artisteducator as one identity. This simply means we see art as education and education as art. Therefore, an iMAE graduate is not an art teacher or teacher of art, but an artisteducator who uses their practice as a vehicle to enable agency and social change.



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