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Degrees in Design Studies

Study Creative Art and Design Abroad in the UK

If you have a knack for art and design, it’s time to turn your hobby into a degree and future career. Studying creative art and design abroad in the UK is the first step to turning this dream into a reality. Don’t wait! Explore creative art and design degrees in the UK today and find a program that suits you best!

The term creative arts and design covers a wide variety of disciplines and forms of creative expression. Therefore, it’s a great start for creative minds with a knack for artistic expression to discover their true craft and make it into a career. A degree in creative art and design covers topics such as product design, painting, and dancing, to name a few. However, there are available courses in almost every art. It’s all about experimenting and finding out what you’re best at.

Because the arts are appreciated internationally, a creative art and design degree is also the perfect opportunity to take your education abroad to the UK! At the same time, art speaks no language and every language. You can train in interior or fashion design, painting, sculpting, silversmithing, or photography. You can even combine disciplines to turn your art into a performance piece! The most important part is that students create their work with purpose, utilizing the skills and theories they learned in the classroom to make their work shine. Only then will your work speak across cultural and language borders for everyone to understand. All that’s left is for you to explore your options and choose a program that suits your own interests and talents!

The UK is especially popular for its alternative, openminded culture which is perfect for creative types. Whether in the big cities or smaller coastal towns, there’s an ideal environment for everyone. See world-famous sites and attractions, visit international renowned art galleries, and see new performances every night all in the UK!

Study Creative Arts in the UK

Top Study Abroad Destinations to Study Creative Art and Design in the UK

Although there are great creative art and design degree programs all across the UK, there are a few locations that stick out for their popularity amongst creative art and design students. If you’re not sure where to start on your search for a creative art and design degree in the UK, consider some of the following study abroad destinations:

Glasgow – You won’t be disappointed with your choice to study creative art and design abroad in Glasgow. As Scotland’s most populous city and cultural hub, Glasgow offers beautiful art, lively entertainment, great music, and a rich legacy. Take advantage of the student discounts and visit the Scottish ballet, opera, national theater, or one of the numerous museums. Or, invite some of your new friends along for drinks at a local pub and see a live band perform to get a taste of the thriving music scene.

Dundee – Take your creative art and design degree to Scotland and explore the coastal city of Dundee. Students love the laid-back atmosphere and no-frills lifestyle. Plus, with universities in the area, student life is never lacking. Bring your new, international friends along to one of the numerous museums, exhibitions, or castles on offer. After, relax at a local pub or try Scottish cuisine at one of the many traditional restaurants.