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Bachelor Degrees in the Netherlands



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  • Netherlands
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  • Administration Studies (8)
  • Architecture Studies (5)
  • Art Studies (15)
  • Aviation (0)
  • Business Studies (75)
  • Construction (1)
  • Cosmetology Studies (0)
  • Design Studies (15)
  • Economic Studies (21)
  • Education (8)
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Bachelor Degrees in Netherlands

Types of bachelor degrees in Netherlands

The Netherlands has two main types of higher education institutions, universities of applied sciences and research universities.  Research universities educate students in academic study and research, while universities of applied sciences provide professional programs in applied science and art that prepare student for a particular career. Many students wish to study bachelor degrees in the Netherlands due to its high quality programs that are internationally recognized, low tuition fees and multicultural student population compared to other European countries.

Popular field of study for bachelor degrees in Netherlands

Bachelor degrees in Netherlands are offered in the following field of study: engineering and technology, economics and management, environmental sciences, humanities and arts, health and life sciences, natural sciences and IT, law, social science, philosophy and religion.

General entry requirements and application procedures for bachelor degrees

The main requirement for admission to bachelor degrees programs is the secondary-school diploma at the appropriate level. Students who find suitable bachelor degrees and meet the requirements, should follow the directions of the institutions on how to apply. This information can be obtained by getting in contact with the institution.

The length of study

Bachelor degrees offered by research universities of Netherlands requires 3 years of study, while bachelor degrees offered by universities of applied science requires 4 years of study.

Other things to consider

Check which immigration regulations apply to you. Find a place to live or ask your host institution for help in arranging a place for you to live while you study in Netherlands. Make sure you are insured.