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The Higher Education System in Scotland

Learn about the higher education system in Scotland. Find out how it compares to the rest of the UK, the different kinds of programs and qualifications offered and how long they take to complete.

Oct 3, 2020
 Scottish Higher Education

The Scottish education system is very different from the rest of the United Kingdom. Scotland requires all people to attend compulsory schooling up to the age of 16.

Most young people in Scotland move into higher education at the age of 17 (rather than 18). This may be because first degree students from Scotland (or the rest of the EU) studying in Scotland do not pay any direct course fees for their first undergraduate degree.

In Scotland, 15 universities and three other higher education institutions are charged with delivering higher education across a broad range of vocational and academic qualifications, including certificates, higher national certificates, diplomas, higher national diplomas as well as a variety of foundation, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees.

Scotland is also home to four “ancient universities” whose origins can be traced back earlier than the 1600s. They are St. Andrews University - founded in 1413 - together with Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh universities. 

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Generally, the following timeframes apply to higher education studies in Scotland:

          National Certificates (NC)1 year          
Higher National Certificates (HNC)NC + 1 year
Diplomas2 years
Higher National DiplomasHNC + 1 year
Foundation Degreesn/a
Bachelor’s Degrees4 years
Master’s DegreesBachelor’s degree + 12 months
PhDsMaster’s degree + 3-4 years

Quality standards for Scottish universities are among the best in the world and credentials from Scottish institutions are well respected internationally. So no matter your level or length of study - studying in Scottish is a surefire way to make a positive step towards your prospective career in any field.

Eager to create your own company or be a leader in the top companies in the world? Scotland has some of Europe's best business schools and an MBA in the UK will offer you top quality education that will take your skills to the next level!

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