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Study in Croatia: Housing & Living Costs

Jan 28, 2024
Dubrovnik, Croatia

As a student, it's important to think about what type of accommodations you will have, how much traveling you intend to do, and whether you plan to work part-time or not. Living costs in Croatia can range between 400 and 700 EUR per month depending on where in Croatia you live and whether you live in a student dorm or a privately rented apartment. This amount should be sufficient to cover food, lodging, utilities, books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. However, students' expenses may vary based on their preferences and lifestyle.

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Some average living costs in Croatia are:

Meal60 KN
Coffee11 KN
Beer16 KN
Cinema Ticket40 KN
Monthly Rent3,000 KN
Monthly Transport350 KN

When it comes to accommodation, there are many options. Students can go for corridor rooms, shared accommodation, or private accommodation- rent a room or apartment/flat. The costs of private accommodation vary depending on the location, the number of rooms, and amenities. Students can expect to pay around 150 EUR per month for a one-bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen; and about 250 EUR per month for a studio apartment. You can expect to pay between 7 EUR to 20 EUR at any average to high scale restaurants within the city. The good thing about Croatia is that there are several student restaurants that have been dubbed ‘mensas’ scattered around major university cities, campuses, dormitories. 

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