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Study in India: Education in India

India inherited its education system from the UK. But, as India’s role and place in the world has developed and grown over time, the education system has changed. 

Indian higher education is rapidly expanding. Today, there are more than one-thousand accredited schools in India. Around fifty of them are internationally recognized. All institutions are accredited and ranked by the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF).

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Indian higher education has undergone a dramatic shift during this century. It’s gone from being sub-standard to thoroughly regulated. As a result, some of India’s top schools are now on a par with some American schools in some fields. 

English programs are commonplace in India and are wide in scope and reach. Almost all Indian academics speak perfect English. Many schools offer identical programs: one taught in English, the other in Hindi. However, English is becoming increasingly dominant in Indian higher education classrooms. 

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During your time at an Indian school, you’ll probably be encouraged to learn at least basic Hindi as this is more common than English in everyday life. 

A Bachelor's degree takes between three and five years, depending on the subject and any time spent studying on exchange. A Master’s degree, also called a professional degree in India, normally takes one year, or two if it’s in the medical field. As for a PhD, that takes the international-standard time of between three and five years, depending on whether or not you teach as you research.

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India is a country with a world-famous cuisine, magnificent architecture and a welcoming atmosphere. This section tells you more about this vast country.

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Student Visas

Do you need a visa to enter India to study? Learn more about the student visa process, and what you need to enter the country, depending on your citizenship. 

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Housing & Living Costs

No matter where you study abroad, it’s important to create a budget in advance so that you’re prepared. Therefore, we’ve detailed average living and housing costs so that you can get a better idea of what you would be paying as a student in India.

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Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition fees for degree programs in India are fairly similar. Both international and domestic students are expected to pay tuition fees in India. We've put together information on how this works, and on scholarships, in this section.

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Language & Culture

India is a country rich in history and culture. Find out more about what the country offers in terms of language, culture, and more! We also talk about how to stay safe in India in this section.

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Application Process

Learn more about how to apply to Indian schools and the documentation you need to do it in this section.

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Last update: 20 Jan 2021


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