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Study Nursing Abroad in the UK

The UK ranks as one of the top countries in the world for providing quality medical care. With state-of-the-art medical facilities, government supported healthcare, and well-trained medical professionals, it’s no wonder that the UK has become synonymous with high-quality patient care. If you’re interested in pursuing an education that will lead to a rewarding career helping others, consider studying nursing abroad in the UK. Whether it’s in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or England, there are numerous prestigious nursing degree programs available to students from around the globe who are interested in joining the healthcare field.

Learn about the UK medical system, how to provide excellent patient care, and the common health-related issues that affect the island nation, all while gaining a study abroad experience. Although challenging, the end result will be a rewarding career in an ever-expanding industry. If you think you might fall in love with the UK and want to stay past your studies (which we think you will!), it’s also the perfect degree to find a job post-graduation. There is always a need for medical professionals in the UK, especially nurses. Considering everyone is entitled to the same quality healthcare in the UK, nurses have above average job security compared to other industries with similar pay grades.

Therefore, the choice to study nursing abroad in the UK is one you will not soon regret!

Study Nursing in the UK

Top Nursing Degrees in the UK

Although there are great nursing degree programs all across the UK, there are a few universities that stick out for the impressive nursing education they provide. If you’re not sure where to start on your search for a nursing degree in the UK, consider some of the following universities:

University of Southampton – Ranked among the top three universities in the UK to study nursing, the University of Southampton provides students with a high-quality education that combines advanced medical knowledge with real-world experience. A three-year degree will grant students the ability to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which is the body that monitors and regulates the profession in the UK.

University of Dundee – For a Scottish experience, consider the University of Dundee, located in Dundee, Scotland. Offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in nursing, the University of Dundee is the perfect choice for students interested in a flexible program that focuses on practical experience. Several different programs, including a mental health nursing program, also allow students to pick a specialization within the field of nursing.

Cardiff University – Whether you want to focus on child health nursing, mental health nursing, or adult health nursing, the University of Cardiff offers a degree program for everyone. Located in Cardiff, Wales, the University of Cardiff is also a great choice for students who are interested in both an authentic student experience and a city environment.  Become a registered nurse within three years and begin making a difference in your patients’ lives right away!


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