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With a deserved reputation as one of the most picturesque countries in the world, Switzerland is renowned for its rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, idyllic lakes and charming villages. Situated in the heart of the continent, Switzerland is one of Europe's smallest countries but also one of its biggest highlights. Find out why!

Switzerland is incredibly unique in that it is home to three defined linguistic and cultural regions. These are derived from German, French and Italian, and all three languages are considered official national tongues, along with the lesser known Romansh. If you're torn between studying at a country in that trio, turn to Switzerland to get a taste of all three (and much, much more!). With its high standards of living, a fascinating history, unrivaled landscapes and one of the world's most advanced education systems, Switzerland should be at the top of the shortlist of any student seeking to study a master's degree abroad!

Education in Switzerland

Switzerland is a highly progressive nation and has received wide praise for its commitment to academic development. The country prioritizes a strong education system, viewing it as a key to political stability, innovation, and national prosperity. Global research and knowledge acquisition have always been driving forces behind Switzerland's success, and the country is regularly commended for its academic excellence and contribution to a variety of disciplines, particularly economics and finance.

Swiss universities attract thousands of foreign students every year. The teaching and administrative facilities at Swiss institutions are on par with the highest international standards and offer the chance to complete your master's degree at the very top of the academic pyramid.

Types of master's degrees in Switzerland

Depending on your prior qualifications and the subject you wish to pursue your master's in, there is a broad selection of options for you to choose from in Switzerland. Some of the most popular programs include a Master of Medicine, Master of Veterinary Medicine, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Theology, Master of Engineering and Master of Law.

Thun, Switzerland

Admission requirements

In order to successfully enroll for a master's program at a Swiss university, you must have successfully completed a bachelor's program equivalent to the admission requirements of the specific university you are applying to. There may also be entrance examinations under certain conditions.

Duration of master's degrees in Switzerland

A typical master degree in Switzerland takes approximately four semesters. However, this can be dependent on the field one is specializing in. Four semesters is equivalent of two academic years.

Application procedures

Qualified candidates should make inquiries from their native country's authorities on whether or not they are entitled to government scholarships. They should also consult with the Swiss Embassy in their country on whether or not the universities they intend to join offer scholarships to foreign students. After the tuition fee is paid, the prospective student should make arrangements with a professor at the selected university to help him or her get a printed acceptance letter. The candidate should then check on the university's website to ensure they have all the necessary requirements for a smooth registration.

Switzerland is known all over the world for provision of excellent teaching and research services. Studying for master's degrees in Switzerland is something every undergraduate student around the world should consider!

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