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Want to study in Austria?

Students who study in Austria are offered a rich cultural experience with high quality education. These students remark the great courses, professional teachers and relaxed atmosphere as some of the top reasons for choosing to study in Austria. Moreover, the location is central to Europe that provides easy access to other European cities. Austria also has continental European weather. Students who study in Austria can take advantage of a variety of adventure sports come summer or winter.

Education system of Austria

Universities in Austria differ from each other in terms of size and structure. Students who undertake their study in Austria choose from Private universities, University colleges for Teacher education and Universities of the arts. Classical universities in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg offer a wide variety of degree subjects. Students who pursue research in Austria are given more importance  towards providing solutions to far sighted problems.

Entry Requirements

There is a compulsory application form and required documents for students who wish to study in Austria. International students must have their degree qualifications legalized according to Austrian standards for admission. Students who wish to study in Austria must remember deadlines of mid/end October for the winter semester and mid/end of March for the summer semester. There are additional dates of November 30th for the winter semester, April 30th for the summer semester as well which can accrue some additional tuition fees. 

Additionally students who apply to Medical universities, universities of the arts and Universities of Applied sciences have have entrance exams as part of the application process.

Language skills

The official language of Austria is Austrian German and students who learn the language have an additional advantage for successful integration. Nevertheless, there is no lack of English taught programs for students who study in Austria. Students who wish to study these programs must have a corresponding level of B1/B2 according to the European language passport.

Student housing and Living expenses

Universities usually offer accommodation for students who study in Austria. OEAD housing guide provides students effective solutions of where to stay be it private halls and residences. Students have the opportunity of choosing ecological living spaces and adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. Another website is oeh.at that links students to student unions who can help with all student services available in Austria. 

More about Austria

Austria is a landlocked country located in central Europe with approximately 8.7 million inhabitants. Neighboring countries include the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south and Switzerland and Liechtenstein on the west. Additionally, the country is a democracy and one of the richest in the world. Study in Austria means taking advantage of the high standard of living the country has to offer. It has also been a member of the United nations since 1955, the European union in 1995 and and a founder of OECD(Organisation for economic cooperation and development).


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