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Study a Bachelor's in the USA Scholarship - 2022 Finalists

Sep 21, 2022

We couldn't be more proud to present the 2022 finalists for our Study a Bachelor's in the USA Scholarship at

These candidates stood out from thousands of applicants as outstanding examples of up-and-coming, globally-minded leaders who are pursuing Bachelor's programs in the USA. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Ananya Narayanan


Pursuing a Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics-Economics at Brown University in the USA

Ananya will study environmental economics with aims to reform Kenyan environmental policies for a more responsible and sustainable allocation of natural resources.

Ananya's background

Ananya is originally from India, but has lived in Kenya for many years. She became interested in approaching the oxymoron of sustainable development after witnessing the pollution caused by a build-up of glass bottles in the Nairobi River. Ananya began to think more deeply about the efficiency of river clean-ups, asking herself if river clean-ups would be more economical if glass bottles didn’t sink. She followed her curiosity as a part of the IB Mathematical Exploration Project, where she measured the density of glass mixtures and ultimately sparked an interest in manipulating numbers to assess economic activities that raise environmental ‘red-flags’.

How Ananya chose her country of study

Ananya chose to study in the United States for the liberal arts curriculum offered by her university of choice. Brown University allows Ananya the ability to choose specialized courses both within and outside of Applied Mathematics and Economics, an unparalleled opportunity for academic freedom. 

How Ananya plans to become a globally-minded leader

Ananya hopes to gain a wider perspective of ecological problems through her studies at Brown. Her future understanding of how to allocate and distribute natural resources in a more sustainable way will ultimately lead her to a career as an environmental economist, where she will surely make an impactful difference.

Daniella Bezuidenhout

South Africa

Pursuing a Bachelor's in Space Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the USA

Daniella has a passion for aerospace engineering and flying aircraft. She is an aspiring astronaut and aims to become a successful aerospace engineer while contributing to the industrialization of the space industry in her home country. Daniella wants to develop her knowledge of the Aerospace industry in the United States so that she can make her dream of supporting other students interested in studying aerospace engineering a reality.

Daniella's background

Daniella grew up in South Africa, where her interest in aerospace has developed since she was a child. Daniella holds a Private Pilot's License and is in the process of completing her Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License. She is also a proud member of the Woman in Aviation International organisation. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daniella has joined the Eagles Flight Team and the Microgravity Club, where the team annually participates in NASA’s Micro-g NExT Challenge.

How Daniella chose his country of study

Daniella has chosen to study in the United States to gain first-hand experience within the aerospace industry, as many American companies have made significant advancements in the field. Additionally, the excellent support facilities of American universities, especially Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daniella’s chosen university, is a huge draw. Daniella also focuses on personal development during her time abroad. She intends to improve her cross-cultural competencies and become more independent while immersed in the diverse communities of the United States.

How Daniella plans to become a globally-minded leader

After noticing the lack of appropriate educational opportunities to study aerospace in South Africa, Daniella has taken it upon herself to bring her learned knowledge back to her home country in the future. She aspires to create opportunities for students who end up in the same situation as her to create a prosperous future for the South African aerospace industry.

Dennis Boakya


Pursuing a Bachelor's in Neuroscience at Lawrence University in the USA

Dennis has been fascinated with the functionalities and science of the human brain throughout his entire life. His curiosity led him to pursue a degree in neuroscience at Lawrence University in Wisconsin.

Dennis's background

Dennis has loved to spend time reading while growing up in Ghana, where he spent countless hours reading about the human brain. After consuming literature that explored the intriguing connections between the brain and human behavior, his career path as a future became clear. 

How Dennis chose his country of study

Unfortunately, there are no universities in Ghana that provide neuroscience as a major. As such, Dennis’ vision turned towards an education abroad. The United States offers a variety of neuroscience programs that emphasize educational, practical, and vocational dimensions of the field. Dennis chose to study in the United States not only for the academic direction of the programs, but also for the cutting-edge research and technology emerging from the neuroscience discipline there.

How Dennis plans to become a globally-minded leader

Dennis aims to become a neurosurgeon, a choice that will push him to reach outside of his limitations. He hopes that he will contribute to the health of the world through his work, supplemented by the intercultural understanding provided by his studies abroad.

Maria Forero


Pursuing a Bachelor's in Music Business at Berklee School of Music in the USA

Sarin aims to become a full-fledged artist with a variety of skills involving the production, composition, interpretation and preservation of Latin American music. She will study Music Business at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Maria's background

Maria, from Colombia, has a deep interest in education and the music industry. She fell in love with one music genre in particular- Jazz. Maria is interested in creating a fusion between Jazz and traditional music from her own country. The environment is also something that Maria holds a lot of passion for in terms of fighting climate change and deforestation in particular. The cross-section of the music business and environmental sustainability remains close to her heart. 

How Maria chose her country of study

The United States is the country of choice for Maria due to the diverse environment of cultures that Maria may live in and learn from. Her interest in studying music also led her to choose Berklee due to potential networking opportunities and renowned education that the institution provides, especially in Jazz. 

How Maria plans to become a globally-minded leader

Maria is motivated to create a company in the future that supports live and session musicians, youth projects, and the cultural legacy of traditional music. She also would like to make an environmental impact by creating eco-friendly instruments that consider material creation and waste.

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