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Study Real Estate Abroad

Whether companies are looking for new office space to expand their business or couples are looking for a new home to start a family, real estate agents are necessary assets to the search. Not only will a real estate agent help clients find the ideal location and space, they will also assist in the bidding, negotiation, and purchasing process.

Due to the complicated nature of property law, real estate agents must first study real estate and property management to become licensed. After a thorough education, students will then have the nuanced knowledge it takes to be the best of the best in the field of real estate. According to one survey, home buyers search for approximately ten weeks on average until finding the perfect match. That's why 50% of home-buyers state the number one reason for choosing a real-estate agent is finding someone who help them find their dream home. You can help speed up the process by investing in your education and being the best in the industry. 

Studying a real estate degree is also the perfect opportunity to take your education abroad!

Although housing and property laws vary depending on city and country, you can combine your love of travel and exploring new locations to study a real estate degree abroad and find your own place to settle down. Look at properties with a view of Sydney’s opera house or show clients apartments scattered amongst the neon lights of Hong Kong! Or, you can follow real estate trends to where the markets are hot. At the moment, the best real estate markets overseas include amazing locations such as Brazil and Portugal. No matter where you end up, you will love sharing your new city with future property buyers.

Best Real Estate Degrees

It’s easy to get accepted into a real estate degree program, but if you want to make the most of your education, consider attending one of the best real estate schools. With enhanced knowledge of the industry and skills developed by top talent, students will prepare themselves for a bright future within the real estate industry.

A day in the life of a real estate student often involves both lectures and independent studies. As you get further into the degree program, students can also expect real-life work experience through either internships or onsite observation with professional real estate agents.

By the end of their real estate degree, recent graduates will be happy to have both the knowledge and the experience to dive right into the field of real estate and property management.

Real estate student abroad.

Careers in Real Estate

Real estate agent isn’t the only title you are destined for with a degree in real estate. Like many degrees, a degree in real estate offers students a variety of career paths to pursue.

Jobs in real estate include:

  • Appraisal
  • Brokerage
  • Construction and development
  • Consulting
  • Real estate investment banking

Due to the high demand, it’s easy to break into the field. From there, students will be able to show off their knowledge and experience and climb the ladder to make it big within the field of real estate. In the meantime, here are some average stats about real estate jobs in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Typical entry-level education

High school diploma or equivalent

Number of jobs


Job outlook, 2016 - 2026

6% (average)

Average salary

USD $50,300

Prerequisites for a Degree in Real Estate

The best real estate schools will often require that prospective students have demonstrated they have previously performed well in their classes, especially classes focused on math and business-related topics. Both undergraduate and graduate students will have to provide a copy of their academic transcripts, along with any standardized test results.

International students will also have to prove their English proficiency, as many real estate degrees are conducted entirely in English. An essay will also most likely be required to complete your application.