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Quiz: Should I Get a Master's Degree?

A Master's degree is known to boost career prospects for graduates, and many use it as an opportunity to study abroad. But would it be worth it for you?

This quiz will evaluate your current study/work situation and make a recommendation based on the answers.

Getting a Master's degree is a big decision, and especially if you're planning on getting a Master's abroad.

This quiz will help you get the answer to the question "Should I Get a Master's Degree?" and it'll provide you with some helpful resources to get you started, depending on the result.

Who is this for?

This quiz was created for recent Bachelor's graduates, as well as for people who are thinking of changing fields. 

People who are thinking of getting multiple Master's degrees may also find this quiz insightful.

What kinds of questions should I expect?

The quiz will ask you a handful of questions about your:

  • Current work situation
  • Bachelor's studies
  • Plans for the future

You'll also have a few questions about the logistics of getting a Master's degree. For example, about the cost and if you a have concrete idea of the benefits a Master's degree would provide.


What's the next step?

Once you've gone through the questions and received your answer, you'll have some helpful resources to get you started. 

If you feel like you need more information about Master's degrees, you can take a look at our helpful guide on Master's degrees! It'll tell you everything you need to know about Master's studies.

Last update: 15 Jul 2022

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