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Degrees in Law Studies Civil Law Studies Private Law

What is Private Law?
Private law is an area of law that pertains to the personal rights and obligations between individuals. It goes into depth about various areas such as property, contracts, family law, trusts and estates. These regulations are all made up by acts which are written by the government.

What careers are available in Private Law?
Degrees in private law can lead to a range of different professions including being a solicitor, a barrister or a judge depending on what is required for the job role. Private law is a specialty pursued by law students during their studies or as a professional qualification.

What will I study during my Private Law degree?
The content of the degree is very much dependent on what sort of law you choose to specialise in, for example there are various acts that cover different areas such as family law and trusts. The subjects that you will study include contract law, tort law, property law and equity.

What are the benefits of studying Private Law?
Studying private law is important to understand the law in depth and be able to apply it in many different situations. Because private law relates to relationships between individuals, there are many situations in which knowledge of private law will be useful. Personal injury lawyers, family law professionals, and criminal prosecutors all need to understand private law. Private law is also useful in corporate settings because, in some cases, corporations can be treated as individuals under the law.

How will I know if I should study Private Law?
If you are interested in studying law and want to be able to work with people then studying private law is a great option for you. It also provides an excellent foundation to build on and can lead into many different types of careers within the legal sector. Private law provides a foundation for other specialties, like contract law and family law, as well as acting as a specialty in its own right.