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VIVES University of Applied Sciences

VIVES University of Applied Sciences


VIVES University of Applied Sciences

Why come to Belgium and to VIVES?

The real question is — why wouldn’t you?

Belgium doesn’t only offer an enjoyment of good chocolate, beer, waffles and many more of our national delicacies but also a rich and complex history. Take the chance to explore a whole new culture. Visit our cities (Bruges and Ghent) to be charmed by historic monuments, architecture, art work, cosy cafés and city walks.

If you’re looking to study in Belgium, why not come to VIVES University of Applied Sciences?

VIVES is situated in the West of Flanders, a province with an intriguing history due to The Great War that largely took place here. Must-see cities like Ypres and Ostend are only a train ride away from our campuses. VIVES offers a thorough education of all things business but also other fields of study like education, agriculture, health care, technology and social sciences.

Looking to learn a new language? This is the place for you, since Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French and German. Being situated in the West of Belgium, VIVES will give you a chance to further your language skills. Our neighboring countries, France and The Netherlands, are within easy reach from main railway stations.

In short, VIVES University of Applied Sciences is the place to be!

Campus Features

VIVES has 5 campus sites: Kortrijk, Bruges, Roeselare, Ostend and Torhout. Our English programmes are available in Kortrijk and Bruges.

As evidenced by the throngs of tourists that flood the city daily, Bruges is an exciting city with plenty to offer. While tourists are drawn to the picturesque views of medieval canals and façades throughout the city, the students here are often drawn to other, no less exciting things.

Kortrijk is one of the oldest cities in Belgium, located in the south of the province of West Flanders. The city is known for its many squares, streets and cafes. All study areas in Kortrijk have been brought together on a campus, surrounded by entertainment areas, shops, parks, sports facilities and numerous cultural opportunities. By bus you are less than ten minutes from the station, from where you can take trains to all major cities in Europe.

Finding a suitable place to live during your studies at VIVES is important. That is why we are happy to help you with this. VIVES currently has accommodations available in Kortrijk and Bruges.

In Bruges we rent the 4th floor with 18 student rooms at residence Studio Bruges - Frank van Ackerepromenade 8, Bruges. Rooms have their own private bathroom and shared kitchen. the residence is within walking distance of the campus.

In September 2014 VIVES University of Applied Sciences opened a brand new student residence in Kortrijk. This building offers housing to as many as 80 international students. In addition to the rooms for international students, there is also accommodation reserved for 25 Belgian students. It is a vibrant student community of mixed nationalities, right in the center of town. The campus is easily accessible by bus or by bike from the residence.

Please visit our website for more information on housing.

    Scholarships and Funding

    Campus Life & Facilities

    Every student can contact a VIVES employee with questions related to their studies or personal issues. Student counsellors, psychologists, program coordinators, international officers, will all happily listen to your questions and do everything they can to help you as much as possible. One thing is certain: at VIVES you are never alone.

    VIVES has fourteen student clubs that contribute to a vibrant student life on and around the campuses. Because your time as a student should be unforgettable. As you graduate, you'll have the opportunity to make new friendships for life and build a network of future professionals. That's why we attach great importance to close contact between students and teachers and various forms of student support. We'd love to get to know you.


    • Kortrijk

      Doorniksesteenweg 145, 8500, Kortrijk

    • Bruges

      Bruges, Belgium