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Mykolas Romeris University Bachelor in Business Management and Startup Building
Mykolas Romeris University

Bachelor in Business Management and Startup Building

Vilnius, Lithuania

3 Years


Full time

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EUR 2,954 / per year


* for applicants from EU/EFTA and countries that have a Lithuanian Embassy or who do not need visa for arrival to Lithuania


The sky isn’t even the limit for those who understand the emerging worlds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Everyone who wants to explore the power of change, to make a good idea great in reality, can make an excellent start at Mykolas Romeris University.

The first year can be seen as a basic starter pack for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. We start with the skills of presenting an idea well because a lot of geniuses go unnoticed in the world simply due to an inadequately communicated idea. Students work with the latest world frameworks such as Lean Start-up Methodology, Lean Business Model Canvas, Google Sprint, Design Thinking, etc. They learn how to validate the idea quickly and at a low cost. Students learn how to identify opportunities and obstacles in business entrepreneurship. Furthermore, students are immersed in all the business basics of running a startup: Lean business models, business validation, business plan preparation, unique sales proposition identification, emerging technologies, etc.

The second year dives deeply into building a Lean startup organization while learning essential tech and analytical skills. The objective of this academic year is to find the elusive product/market fit and build an MVP. Students are expected to talk to potential customers, learn essential sales techniques, become able to find and test various customer acquisition channels and develop effective messaging and positioning. Teams will be expected to execute their sales and marketing plans, define and build an MVP, and test it with early customers. Students will learn essential tech skills needed for a modern entrepreneur. By the end of the year, students will have an MVP that’s not only validated using frameworks but also tested with early customers. Throughout the process, the teams are assisted by mentors and take advantage of opportunities to pitch their ideas to investors and startup competitions.

In the third year, students’ startups will transform into real companies. Students’ startups are expected to have found their product/market fit so they will start scaling and doubling down on strategies that worked at an early stage to turn them into real growth. The third year is essentially about transforming a Lean startup into a scalable venture-backed business. Students will learn how to automate and scale into a properly running organization, how to build high-performing sales teams, how to lead and hire for a fast-growing organization, and how to create and nurture company culture as the company grows. In this final year, students will be pushed to their limit as they turn their startups into businesses while planning, designing, and executing much more complex strategies as they prepare to raise venture funding and subsequently become the next unicorn. The year will culminate in a Demo Day where students’ startups will compete for investors, distinguished entrepreneurs, mentors, and other experts in the field.

After graduation, students will gain universal knowledge and skills not only for launching a startup as a founder or co-founder but also run any business or venture. Graduates will have plenty of career opportunities to work as tech project managers, digital marketing or sales gurus, product owners, business developers, entrepreneurs CEOs, CEOs, or investors with an extra step.


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