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ArtEZ University of the Arts Master Jazz & Pop in Arnhem
ArtEZ University of the Arts

Master Jazz & Pop in Arnhem

Arnhem, Netherlands

2 Years


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Master Jazz & Pop in Arnhem

The Master Jazz & Pop at ArtEZ provides a stimulating environment in which you learn to draw up and try out your ideas. Of course, you will be fine-tuning your skills, being on stage a lot, but at the same time you are urged to challenge yourself: by being curious, experimenting, asking questions and conducting research. You are challenged to let go of certainties and seek out your own motivations, and you do so always from a self-reflective point of view. The course helps you to develop not only your talents and skills, but also your vision: the artistic and social workings of your vision, with which you can take the lead in a rapidly changing work field. Are you ready to re-define yourself as an artist? Do you dare to experiment? Can you shape up and fine-tune your personal artistic signature, boost your creativity, or look beyond the borders of your own discipline?

As a student, you will learn to design new performance practices and to take on an entrepreneurial role within them. You organise concerts according to your own vision: placing your work and cooperation with others within a larger research trajectory. You develop the skills and know-how for putting together a program from the specific concerns of a musician, as opposed to those of a manager. You learn to curate from artistry. Getting to know the field enables you to be creative in it and to find new pathways – to take the lead and to open doors.



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