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Degrees in Law Studies Administrative Law Studies Education Law

What is Education Law?

Education law, or educational law, is the set of legal rules which deal with the provision and administration of education. Educational laws are enacted at the federal, state/provincial, local, or territorial/municipal levels in countries all around the world. There are innumerable judicial decisions that impact the law of education, such as those dealing with human rights, civil rights, and religious freedom.

Education laws can be international or national in scope. Some examples include the right to education which is recognized by the United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights, compulsory school attendance laws, age of majority laws, child labor laws, free public education laws, private schools that are regulated, education vouchers, and education privatization laws.

What are the benefits of studying education law at university?

Education law degree programs aim to prepare students for careers in education and human rights law. Graduates of these programs work as lawyers, judges, arbitrators, educators, researchers, policymakers, and planners. The courses do not only focus on the legal side of education but also incorporate courses from social sciences such as policymaking and economics to provide a comprehensive understanding of the field.

How will an education law course help your future career?

Education laws are often complex and difficult to understand, even for lawyers with experience in this area. A person with a healthy knowledge of education law is likely to be considered for more intellectually challenging roles or for careers that require a comprehensive understanding of education law. An education law degree can provide you with cutting-edge insights into current debates in the field, which will prove useful as you seek to remain abreast of changes in your professional environment. Many students taking education law classes are also drawn to this area of law due to the fact that their courses encompass such a wide range of diverse topics which promote an understanding of education as a larger concept.