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Bachelor Degrees in the United Kingdom



  • Bachelor
  • BSc
  • BA
  • BBA
  • United Kingdom
Fields of study
  • Administration Studies (42)
  • Architecture Studies (55)
  • Art Studies (210)
  • Aviation (10)
  • Business Studies (432)
  • Construction (36)
  • Cosmetology Studies (8)
  • Design Studies (199)
  • Economic Studies (302)
  • Education (116)
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Bachelor Degrees in United Kingdom

Different types of bachelor degrees in the UK

Rest assured, when it comes to bachelor degrees the UK is certainly an attractive place to study. There are many different types of bachelor degrees that can be applied for in the UK such as vocational, academic or skills related. UK bachelor degrees are usually grouped into various levels of performance in order for individuals to gain the relevant qualifications. Many students choose to study a bachelor of medicine, science or arts degree course depending on their preference and course time-scale.

Things to consider

When contemplating bachelor degrees studies in the United Kingdom there are many things to consider. How are bachelor degrees structured in the United Kingdom, how to compare bachelor degree qualifications in the UK to other countries and what general entry requirements are needed for applicants? First of all, degree courses are structured so they take in the subject in a broad way. Secondly, there are informative guidelines via the net to compare qualifications in the UK to other countries. Lastly, you will need at least two A levels at grade E or above to enroll for bachelor degrees in the UK.