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Last updated: 11/1/2022

Why is your English proficiency so important to universities?

It makes perfect sense that a large majority of the universities around the world would expect their international students to exhibit a certain level of fluency when it comes to speaking, writing, and understanding English. By demonstrating your English capabilities with an English proficiency test, you prove to the university that you have the language skills necessary to succeed.

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Last updated: 10/20/2022

Cheapest Countries to Study In Europe

Have you ever dreamt about doing a study abroad in Europe? You wouldn't be alone in that thought - Europe is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, known for its quality education, rich culture and cutting-edge technology. This article outlines some of the cheapest countries to study in Europe. Get a high-quality education at a lower price tag!

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Last updated: 7/15/2022

Quiz: What Should I Major In?

"What should I major in?" is one of the most important questions in a student's life. Our quiz can help you decide which university major is right for you, based on your personality and preferences.

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Last updated: 7/18/2022

Quiz: Should I Study Abroad?

Has the question "Should I study abroad?" been on your mind recently? Take our short quiz and find out if studying abroad is the right decision for you.

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Last updated: 4/14/2022

Where Should I Study Abroad?

Whether you're deciding between studying Anthropology in Spain, Engineering in Germany or Literature in the United States, our quiz can help match you with the region where you should study abroad.

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Last updated: 3/8/2022

Career test - What career should I have?

Are you wondering, “what should I study?” or “what should I go to college for?” It can be hard to work out what you should study and where. That’s where we can help. Our career test for students asks you lots of questions and helps you answer those questions.

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Last updated: 11/24/2022

How to Study Abroad Guide: Why Study Abroad?

Is an international education right for you? There are so many reasons why studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. However, you should also ensure that this decision is aligned with your own goals. If you still need convincing why you should study abroad, continue reading to learn why study abroad programs are so important for students.

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Last updated: 2/8/2022

How to Choose a College in 2022

When it comes to picking a college, there are so many possibilities. This article will help you outline some crucial things to consider when choosing a college to make sure that you're making the best decision for whatever experience you’re looking for.

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Last updated: 2/3/2022

What Questions to ask Universities at a Virtual Fair

Looking forward to a virtual study abroad fair but unsure what questions to ask universities? We've got you covered! Read on for the most useful questions you can ask.

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Last updated: 4/13/2021

Download the Ultimate Study Abroad Checklist: Make Your Study Abroad Dream a Reality

No matter where you are on the path to studying abroad, this checklist can help you to decide where and what to study, and what to do when you first arrive - together with everything in between!

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