Study in Brazil: Housing & Living Costs

Unlike many study abroad destinations, those in Brazil can find themselves in any number of cities. However, as it’s the largest city and is home to the country’s best university, these costs will reflect the cost of living in São Paulo. These costs are comparable to those in Rio and Brasilia. 

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Some average living costs in São Paulo are (in BRL and USD):

Monthly rent (1 bedroom apartment): 2300BRL ($430)

Utilities (monthly average): 270BRL ($50)

Monthly public transport pass: 275BRL ($50)

Meal (inexpensive restaurant): 30BRL ($5.50)

Coffee: 7BRL ($1.30)

Milk (1 liter): 4BRL ($0.75)

Vegetables (1kg): 6BRL ($1.10)

Eggs (dozen): 8BRL ($1.50)

Water (1.5 liter): 3BRL ($0.55)*

Chicken (1kg): 16BRL ($3)

Wine (bottle): 40BRL ($7.50)

Bread (loaf): 6BRL ($1.10)

*Tap water in Brazil is rapidly improving. But, to be on the safe side, do factor bottled water into your cost of living. Outside of major cities, most tap water will come from groundwater, so it really is best not to drink it.

The average cost of living for one person in São Paulo is 2500BRL ($470) per month, excluding rent. 


Brazil’s more pocket-friendly prices combined with the vibrancy of its major cities combine to make Brazil a country where you can enjoy a metropolitan lifestyle on a relatively small budget.

You can use your time spent in coffee houses, bars and cafes to pick up some Portuguese. Not only will it be incredibly useful to you throughout your time in Brazil, it’s also a major language that is useful in job markets all over the world. 

Brazil is a cash-driven country, but it’s becoming more and more electronic. Even in smaller cities, cards are now widely accepted. However, in rural areas and towns, cash is still the main driver. 


As for healthcare, it’s not only free, but is actually a constitutional right. International students are covered by this clause of the constitution and can seek care at government-run hospitals. Brazil has some of the best healthcare facilities in South America. That being said, outside of major cities, it can be more limited. It doesn’t hurt to take out some temporary insurance should you find yourself travelling around the country or heading somewhere more remote.

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Last update: 01 Jun 2021


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