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Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World and is a friendly, open-minded city in the center of Texas. Education in Austin is a unique, cultural experience for international students from all over the world.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Every fall, thousands of international students from all over the world come to undertake an education in Boston, drawn by its wealth of history and historical landmarks, compact city layout and, of course, sports!

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Chicago, Illinois

International students wanting to undertake an education in Chicago will enjoy this vibrant, beautiful city located in the state of Illinois in the United States. Students come from all over the world to study, enjoy the opportunities, experiences and Midwest culture that this city has to offer.

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Los Angeles, California

International students traveling to undertake an education in Los Angeles will gain a unique experience in one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Los Angeles is not only an entertainment capital but a hub for trade, technology, media, culture, science, fashion and, of course, education!

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Miami, Florida

The tropical climate, diverse culture and beautiful beaches of Miami draw thousands of international students every year to this city on the east coast of southern Florida. With heavy Cuban influences, an education in Miami is a unique and vibrant opportunity.

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New York City, New York

Times Square, Broadway, Wall Street, Chinatown and Rockefeller Plaza are just some of the main attractions that draw students and tourists to New York City. There're always exciting adventures to be had, whether day or night, making New York a fast-paced, vibrant study abroad destination.

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Rochester, New York

From music and arts festivals to professional sports, life in Rochester is full of attractions and events for international students coming to the US. Rochester combines small-town accessibility with big-city services, making it an accessible and inviting study abroad destination.

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San Francisco, California

The city of San Francisco is known for its vibrant, diverse culture and all-inclusive attitudes. It is a hub of innovation and creativity, and home to some of the biggest technology companies in the world, including Google, eBay and LinkedIn.

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