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Study in the USA

The United States is a nation of fifty states that together make up one of the most exciting and diverse countries in the world. With vibrant cities and expansive, beautiful nature, studying in the United States has so much to offer any student looking for a new experience. For one thing, the quality of education in the US is one of the best, and there are countless opportunities for students to pursue whichever course of study they choose. In addition, students in the United States have the opportunity for unique experiences in an amazing country that is unlike any other in the world!

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About the United States

The mainland of the United States is located in North America between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to the east and west, and bordered by Canada and Mexico to the north and south. With a population of 324 million, the United States is the 3rd largest nation in the world by number of people.

The United States has been inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous people – Native Americans – originating in Asia. Europeans began to infiltrate the continent in the 1400s; gradually, the USA became a land of diversity, with people flocking to it from all over the world in hope of making new, better lives for themselves.

Today, the United States is a thriving and successful nation of friendly people; incredible natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and Niagra Falls; and a variety of cultures which have influenced the nation’s unique development. There are thousands of high-quality educational institutions in the USA with programs in every subject.

The United States in short facts and figures

Capital: Washington, DC
Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
Declared Independence: from Great Britain on July 2, 1776
Area: 3.79 million square miles/ 9.83 million square kilometers
Population: 324 million
GDP per capita: $57,220
Currency: $US dollar
Calling code: +1

Grade Conversion Guide

An additional resource for students who are interested in studying in the United States is the Grade Conversion Guide. With this guide, students can compare grades in the United States with those of other countries, making it easier to understand entry requirements and determine for which programs they may be eligible.

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Studying abroad in the United States includes both a broad spectrum of educational options and a great opportunity to experience new things. You get to know a new culture, you become fluent in a new language and best of all – you build memories that last a lifetime and make friends from all over the world. But before you make up your plans to head out for the States, it is important to have all the information you need for an amazing experience in this new and exciting country. Read more about the different types of higher educational institutes available in the US, popular cities where international students can choose, and a few practical details you should consider during your preparations for studying in the United States.

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