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Tuition Fees in Wales

Find out more about the tuition fees applicable to different study levels and programmes in Wales. Compare them with the tuition fees for international students and the rest of the UK.

Oct 3, 2020
Tuition Fees in Wales

Tuition fees at universities in Wales can be lower than at other universities in the UK!

International students (including EU students) pay between £12,000 - £22,000 per year for an undergraduate course, depending on the course and university. Medicine, dentistry, and veterinary programs are considerably more, and students interested in those subjects should check with their university to find out more.

Grad school and postgraduate international fees are between £12,500 - £29,000 per year depending on the course and the university.

Whilst fees might seem expensive, it’s worth remembering that undergraduate degrees are only three years and masters are just one year at universities in Wales!

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Depending on your nationality, and how long you’ve been in the UK, you could be eligible for help from Student Finance Wales. Student Finance Wales can help cover some, or even all, of your tuition fees. They can also provide loans and grants to help cover housing and living costs while you study in Wales. You don’t start repaying this loan until you’re earning at least £19,895 a year, or at least £21,000 if it’s a postgraduate loan.

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