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Welsh Language and Culture

Study in Wales: Language and Culture

English is the most spoken language in Wales, with Welsh spoken as the second language. In Wales, students must either be taught in Welsh or study it as a second language until age 16. In fact, over the years, Welsh has been the key to maintaining the Welsh identity, sense of unity and pride. 

Wales enjoys a centuries-old tradition of folklore, poetry, music and intellectualism. These have all contributed to shaping a culture of higher education. Important cultural celebrations include the Hay Festival of Literature, the Brecon Jazz Festival and - perhaps most importantly - is the Eisteddfod a performance festival of Welsh literature and music and art.

Traditional Welsh music typically features the harp alongside traditional songs used as a means for storytelling. Wales’ all-male choirs are of course world famous. The Welsh Theater Company remains an entrenched part of modern culture and has produced many internationally famous actors.

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Sport is important to Welsh culture, especially rugby union and association football. 

Traditional meals include fish and chips, Welsh rarebit (seasoned melted cheese poured over toasted bread), laver seaweed (sometimes called Welshman’s caviar), cawl (a meat soup), Welsh cakes (a biscuit like cake), bara brith (spiced fruit bread) as well as the Glamorgan sausage (a vegetarian sausage made from cheese). In modern times, these are enjoyed alongside new favourites from India, America and China such as chicken tikka masala, hamburgers and chow mein. 

Notable figures in Scottish culture include authors Roald Dahl and Ken Follet, actors Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Rhys, Catherine Zeta-Jones and musicians Tom Jones and Charlotte Church.

Must see tourist sites in Wales include: the Big Pit National Coal Museum, the National Museum Cardiff, Cardiff Castle, Barry Island, the Snowdonia National Park, the National Roman Legion Museum and the Dan-yr-Ogof caves. 

Wale's national animal is the Welsh Dragon, and its national plants are the leek and the daffodil.

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Photo of Llandaff, Cardiff, UK by Xiaoxia Xu on Unsplash.

Last update: 07 Oct 2020

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