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English Language and Culture

Learn about the language and culture in England. Find out how it compares to the rest of the UK and discover the local foods, community events and notable figures that make English culture unique.

Jan 30, 2024
English Chinese fish and chips

English culture is perhaps the most similar to the British culture at large. Like the English Premier League, it has become a melting-pot of all things local and exotic. 

Traditional meals like fish and chips or bangers and mash are now eaten alongside - or in some instances, have even given way to - Indian, Chinese, and Italian meals. The meals are typically prepared by immigrant communities that have become so well-established in England that they have formed a sub-culture of their own.

Like the English-language, English music samples everything from Afro-Caribbean rhythm to South Asian rap, whilst the country’s radio and television stations now broadcast accents from across the country as well as the former empire.

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English culture is host to a massive variety of important figures, artifacts and cultural events. Famous literary figures extend all the way from Shakespeare and Chaucer to Dickens, Dahl and Tolkien and more recently to Ishiguro and Rowling. 

England’s theatre remains an entrenched part of modern culture.

Must see tourist sites include Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, the Tate Modern, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, The Shard, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

England's national animal is the lion, while its national plant is the Tudor rose.

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