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City Guides in Spain

Jun 9, 2017


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Madrid is the capital of and the largest city in Spain, and is a multicultural and economic hub. A mix of strong cultural heritage and modernistic influences, students wanting to come to Madrid to study can choose from a range of high quality colleges and universities.


Known as the hear of Spanish art, sport and music, Barcelona is a largely youth-orientated city with almost 20,000 students from all around the world arriving every year to study. Students can enjoy the warm weather, lush gardens and scenic beaches.


Marbella is a coastal city in the South of Spain, known for the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by its many rich and famous guests. With strong connections to the international business community, Marbella is the ideal destination to study abroad.


Murcia is primarily a service and university town with a heavy Islamic influence. Students will benefit from a choice of various private and public universities as well as some of the best food and produce Spain has to offer.

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