Study in Slovakia: Housing & Living Costs

The cost of living in Slovakia is a lot lower than in other countries that use the Euro, like Germany or France. This means that your money can go further in Slovakia. That being said, you’ll still need to budget your time there. 

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Students can find themselves in several cities. Bratislava, Nistra and Kosice are the main ones. As many Slovak schools are in Bratislava, these costs will reflect the cost of living in the capital. 

Some average prices (in EUR and USD) are:

Monthly rent (one-bedroom apartment): €600 ($730) *

Utilities (monthly average): €170 ($210)

Monthly public transport pass: €27 ($33)

Meal (inexpensive restaurant): €6 ($7.30)

Coffee: €2.10 ($2.60)

Milk (1 liter): €0.80 ($0.95

Vegetables (1kg): €1.50 ($1.80)

Eggs (dozen): €2  ($2.40)

Water (1.5 liters bottled): €0.60 ($0.75) **

Beef (1kg): €9.50 ($11.60)

Wine (bottle): €5 ($6.10)

Bread (loaf): €1 ($1.20)

*To keep costs lower, many students in Slovakia choose to live in student dorms. These cost far less than private renting. 

**It’s safe to drink the tap water right across Slovakia. This can help keep some of your day-to-day costs down. 

The average cost of living for one person in Bratislava is €590 ($720) per month, excluding rent. As in many countries, rent is counted as a separate cost in Slovakia. 

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As for healthcare, it’s not quite free in Slovakia. Slovaks pay 4% of their earnings into a national system. The size of this amount then lets them choose which health insurer they want to be in charge of their healthcare. About 98% of Slovaks are covered by this system. The care provided is of a high standard, comparable with countries like Germany and Italy.

You’ll need to keep the health insurance you used to get your residence permit as you’ll be unable to access Slovakian healthcare unless you’re paying contributions. 

Fortunately, your residence permit does allow you to work for up to twenty hours a week during your studies. Do bear in mind, though, that, unless you speak Slovak, it can be difficult to find work outside of major cities like Bratislava and Kosice. 

Slovakia is becoming increasingly automated when it comes to payments. Card and even contactless payments are becoming more common and more common across the country. But in more rural areas, cash is still the norm. If you find yourself venturing somewhere more rural, take enough cash with you.

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Last update: 30 May 2021


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