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Entry Requirements for Russian Universities

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The entry requirements for Russian universities can vary, depending on the university and study program you are applying to, your previous grades, and the results of your entrance exam and interview, with the former being a major component of the selection procedure. Follow these six strategies for getting into an international university in conjunction with the information below specific to applying to Russian universities to make your application shine! 

The 5 Steps to Applying to Russian Universities Include:

  1. Choosing your program or university.
  2. Learning about the financing and scholarship opportunities available to you.
  3. Preparing your document package, specific to the university and program you’re applying to.
  4. Undergoing competitive selection, including tests, interviews or academic competitions.
  5. Get your invitation to study at a Russian university and make your application for a student visa!

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Undergraduate Programs

Since many courses in Russian universities are taught in Russian at the undergraduate level, it is likely that you’ll need to learn the language first and provide proof of your proficiency, possibly through writing the Unified State Entrance Examination (EGE). If you need to learn Russian in order to tackle the EGE, opportunities abound to learn Russian outside of Russia.  

Are your Russian skills rusty, or non-existent? Don’t fret! Some Russian universities offer one-year preparatory programs which allow newcomers to fully integrate themselves into Russian society through courses about the Russian language, culture and lifestyle. 

Entrance exams in Russia play a huge part in determining whether a student will get accepted into their chosen university or not. The Unified State Examination (EGE), like the SAT used in the United States, is a standardized test used for university admissions across the country. Top universities require the highest scores on the EGE for candidates to be eligible for consideration, making them the toughest to get into. 

Also, all required documents such as your Application for Admission, ID, previous education certificates, medical certificate and passport photographs, should all be presented with official copies translated into Russian.

If you have a dual citizenship, you can apply as a foreign student using your non-Russian passport.

Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

If you are applying for advanced degrees (M.A./M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.) you will need to have proof of have your previous degree(s), like your Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degrees, in the same (or a very similar field) to the program you’re hoping to pursue. This requirement is rather strict, especially in comparison to the US or the UK. Unlike undergraduate programs, there are a larger quantity of courses offered in English after the undergraduate level.

Keep in mind that universities receive many applications throughout the year, so it’s a wise choice to send the required documents and proof of qualifications well before the deadline to avoid any unfortunate delays.

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Last update: 15 Mar 2021

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